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Matt Barney

    I have a couple of related questions as we prepare to integrate v1.0 boards into our new deployments, while also keeping our existing 0.5b installations operating for as long as possible.

    1. Will Hologram SIMs work with the new EnviroDIY LTE Bee modem? I recall seeing a discussion that it was under test, but can’t seem to find that now.
    2. Will the new EnviroDIY LTE Bee modem work with Mayfly 0.5b (provided that the EnviroDIY LTEBee Adapter board is also used)?
    3. Will the Digi LTE CAT M-1 work with Mayfly v1.0? I’m assuming so, based on the Mayfly’s Details and Specs page.

    Thanks! Excited to try the new boards.