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Reply To: Could Mayfly have been damaged during storm event?

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    Hi Cheryl, nice pics, good to have a record.

    Typically on pressing reset, the LEDs dance red/green for a few seconds.  The orange light would seem to indicate its getting power from the solar panel and charging the battery.

    From the pictures it would seem that any “Static electricity” lightening would be channeled by the vegetation around it.

    If the recording to your uSD stopped on 8/12/2021 that seems to me the processor failed. If the sensor failed, then you would still get readings, but they would be the default (typically -999.99).  I did have one system (not a Mayfly) that was in a forested humid setting in N California Mattole forest, and some growths appeared across some lines (reset of course), that caused a failure.

    When visiting a site I always take a spare Mayfly with me. I always compile my field software release to .HEX and keep a copy so that I swop out a mayfly relatively easily if needed.

    Perhaps some of the other users could comment.