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    @vogelrnws, thanks for the digi link… this does seem like something that could work very well to send information to AWS from a XBee modem. There are still several steps to figure out in terms of getting a Mayfly program to execute the python code that is on the modem, perhaps like calling a function?, with the sensor data as the message formatted in a JSON string. These details are way beyond my capabilities, so I can’t really pursue this option on my own. I am hoping to come up with a solution that utilizes existing modular sensor libraries with some minor tweaks. Maybe this is unrealistic, but I have neither the time or ability to develop a novel solution from scratch, on my own. I am very thankful to be able to take advantage of all the existing work and know-how in this community.  I will keep researching options and report back if I find a solution that is within my technological reach.