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    Thanks, good for reference – the critical aspect of any plastic outdoor box is I understand polycarbonate and those IP65 seals 🙂 Keep out the falling rain. Those ants like to get in if they can, so it is a challenge. I really appreciate the detailed guide of what to think about with https://www.envirodiy.org/mayfly-sensor-station-manual/ though I choose my polycarbonate box based on the project.

    When building a system, I do try and document it for myself so that I can easily repeat it, and also share it. The Mayfly can fit in a small space ~ NBB-15240 with the uSD facing outwards for easy offloading.
    Sometimes though its the instrument wires and dessicant that need routing space, so I’ve also been using the Bud PTQ-11050 and for testing PTQ-11050-C.

    Still it would be soo nice to have a processor with at least 4 UARTs, an embedded USB host, and a 1M flash, enough ram and timers for totalizing/counting … with a little screen for site provisioning. I’m playing around with the Wio Terminal – https://wiki.seeedstudio.com/Wio-Terminal-Getting-Started/ but how to get the sleep power usage down, and have it take an Xbee format socket with Digi LTE powering, with all the software open source license…. as ever a variety of engineering challenges. 🙂