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    Its often seems simple, but the practical side of it can be complex – like if certificates are needed.  AWS can scale, but that requires a lot of layers. As I understand it AWS dices and slices the options and the bills are a big surprise.

    In software design the question that comes up is, what’s the functionality that is desired? How do you break the functionality into small layers.  What currently works, and what is needed.

    Does it have to be AWS or can it be something else?

    https://thingspeak.com/  Can do data collection, and then my experience is the API can pull it off pretty easily.  I did this with an experimental  http://azonde.org/pm2/LiveRainGauge3.htm

    The code is in the browser, not that I really follow how it all works!!  and also here https://github.com/neilh10/thingspeakmultichannel-highcharts

    The thingspeak costs are pretty well defined.

    For the Mayfly which ever way you look at data collection, then reliably pushing data to the endpoint is also needed, which  I’ve got in my sensors, and its on my list to PR but haven’t got there yet.  https://github.com/EnviroDIY/ModularSensors/issues/194