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Shannon Hicks

    The entire electronics industry is facing growing supply issues that started last year.  I’ve been aware of the issue since early this year and started planning accordingly, so we shouldn’t have any supply issues with our custom EnviroDIY products.  But industry experts and suppliers are saying that components and products from companies like Digi will be difficult or impossible to find until next year sometime.  This is going to cause major supply shortages and price increases in every electronic device that needs to be built.  If you think you’ll need anything in the next year, I’d recommend you buy them now while you still can.  In the meantime, we’re awaiting a new production order of Mayfly boards and accessories, including some new items.  I’ll make a full blog post in a few weeks when we’re ready to release everything since these forum threads can sometimes get buried, and I think EnviroDIY members will be interested in all the new updates.