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Anthony Aufdenkampe

    Hi All,

    Good news! We completed the fix to issue #3 “Sparkline” plots and CSV downloads not functioning.

    As expected, most of the data that looked to be missing is now showing up in the “Sparkline” plots, in the data table views, and in the CSV downloads.

    One disappointing discovery is that the #2 Networking (Domain Name System) issues lasted longer than we had thought. It looks like hours-long chunks of of data were lost from May 5 to May 12. You can see these gaps as straight lines here: https://monitormywatershed.org/tsa/?sitecode=WCC019&variablecode=Decagon_CTD-10_Depth&view=visualization&plot=true (zoom into May 3-15 to see).

    If you really need this data, remember that it should be stored in CSV files on your device’s SD card. If you retrieve that data,  you can upload it to the Monitor My Watershed web portal to fill in the blanks.