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    Hello Anthony, yes thanks for the clarification.

    As an engineer, I am often asked is the solution more painful than the problem it is solving!

    The problem breakdown, when looking through the eyes of hydrologists  ; a) is the remote sensors working?, b) is the delivered data to the web reliable? either visually or downloaded  c) how to back-up all the costly data collected to a safe repository for a complete history. (TNC sensibly does this for its data collected)

    In terms of the current situation with the “corrupted catalog crosswalk”,

    when its working (a) it is possible to see that the remote sensor is working, and the date under the sparkline plots appears accurately to represent the latest record deposited.

    (b) for me when the data is delivered it is reliable, though could be incomplete. I use the sample_number, and plot it to quickly visualize any data loss.

    (c) for the backup it can be obtained through local Mayfly uSD via boot net.  To be able to download a coherent  .csv  is definitely an advantage and is definitely valuable to be able to scrape it through an automated mechanism.   I’ve found the  wofpy interface complicated and has its own problems for the same type of variable.

    Appreciate the work that is going on to fix it.