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    Hello  @shicks  ~ I’m just following up on this as I’m respinning my  Modbus Board  MayflyWingShield schematic.pdf

    to have a SDI-12 interface, and your board got me thinking .

    The Mayfly socket has +5V and +3.3V and the board can have the boosted +12V. ( I had done it from the Seeed D6-7).

    So thinking of trading off the third 4pin “modbus socket” for a 3pin “SDI-12 socket”. That is 3pins screw connector and  “JST PH 3-pin”. The JST PH 3pin 2mm have Adafruit mating cables.

    The line interface following https://sdi-12.org/specification

    The benefits are one digital interface board, with options for simplicity like 3.3V pass through interface, or plain SDI-12 instrument +5V current limiting.

    So just putting it out there for a technical review if you have insights/comments  ~ always appreciated before committing to copper.  🙂

    SDI-12 interface