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Matt Barney

    Trying to track down and eliminate my my Mayfly’s excessive power draw during sleep, I rebuilt my circuit to use the Mayfly’s onboard ADS1115 via voltage dividers, but got the same results; my sleep current is still around 6 mA. However, I discovered that if I disconnect the Turner’s wiper trigger wire from D10, sleep current drops to around 0.5mA.

    To initiate the Turner’s wiper cycle, you pulse its trigger line low for 50 milliseconds. My TurnerTurbidityPlus class (code below) derives from Sensor, and its setup() method sets the D10 pin high; then when it’s time for a measurement, its wake() function sets D10 low, delays 50 milliseconds, and sets it back to high. Is this code causing the current drain, and how can I eliminate it?