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    Hi Matt, that’s great it can do the wiper at 3.3V.

    I’m using the onboard ADS1115 dedicating AA0 for LiIon battery measurement see photo .

    https://github.com/neilh10/ModularSensors/wiki/Hw-Mayfly-ECO-R04 Its using 1Mohms and 100Kohms.

    I did initially try 1M and 1M but the ADS1115 still had some voltage offset I couldn’t account for or get rid of with software settings. Data sheets say Analog Input impeadance Typ is 6M so seems like any leakage current should have been ok with 1M/1M. I got more accurate results with the 1M/100K .

    Yup soldering STC3100 with a with hope and prayer (my catholic background) to the god  of solder reflow.  DFN-8 0.5mm. Yeah!!!  for toaster ovens.   With SMD its so nice to see all the soldering reflow in 2minutes.  I use stencils from OshStencil.com .  Just waiting for the parts to build some more.
    STC3100 Battery Monitor