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Reply To: Case for Lower Threshold Voltage on Mayfly Stations

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Matt Barney

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for sharing your findings; this is interesting and useful for me. I’ve been thinking about battery capacity and power consumption issues recently and have used a coulomb counter to measure the charge consumed by a Mayfly/sensor test configuration. I hope to share my findings soon. One question on my mind is: how many amp-hours can I pull out of a given battery (4400mAh in my case) before it drops to a given threshold voltage. Your results give me an idea how I might test that.

    I’m curious: how did you measure discharge current when doing the battery test?

    Sara’s and Shannon’s points about prioritizing data collection to the SD card make good sense for a sensor station in the environment. I also wonder what is a safe depth-of-discharge for a LiPo before its life expectancy or performance is adversely affected, but I haven’t done any research on that yet.

    Trout Unlimited