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Matt Barney

    Thanks @srgdamiano — and thanks so much for announcing the release here on the forum and sharing links to the release notes!

    Until somewhat recently, I didn’t fully grasp the connection between a ModularSensors GitHub release number and the version number in the PlatformIO library registry. To clarify for others who may be new to these software ecosystems, when EnviroDIY developers (usually Sara) tag a new release in the GitHub library, they also update the version number in the ModularSensors manifest (its library.json file) and add that new, versioned release to the PlatformIO library registry. This way, when we developers load code onto a Mayfly and we specify, for example:

    …then we know exactly which version of ModularSensors we’re developing against, and can consult its release notes on GitHub.

    (Please correct me if I’ve got any of this wrong!)

    Understanding these tools, and the versioning mechanisms in use, is critical for those of us with a large and growing number Mayfly stations deployed. This way, we can always know precisely what code, including MS and all its dependencies, is running on each station in the field. This becomes vital when investigating a problem with one of our stations: Which version of code is it running? Do any of my other stations run that same code, and are they exhibiting the same behavior?

    Thanks for all your efforts!


    Trout Unlimited