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Shannon Hicks

    We used to sell the 6-pin screw terminal boards on Amazon, but don’t anymore.  We do offer a 5-pack in our EnviroDIY ship page if you want to buy 5 all at once:  https://www.envirodiy.org/product/envirodiy-grove-6-pin-screw-terminal-adapter-pack-of-5/

    Otherwise as Beth said, you might be able to use a regular 4-pin screw terminal board that is widely available from lots of different vendors.  We made the 6-pin version specifically for interfacing with the Campbell Scientific OBS-3+ turbidity sensors that have 6 wires and require 3 ground connections.  It’s easier to use this 6-pin board with those sensors than trying to fit 3 ground wires into one single screw-terminal on regular boards.

    Your sensor probably has a power wire, ground, and two data lines (analog or digital).  If you have anything other than that, you might want to double-check before connecting it to the Mayfly.

    The link Beth posted above is a 4-position, 3.5mm headphone jack adapter board made by someone else.  We have a 3-position headphone jack in our shop, but you don’t need a headphone jack if your sensor has bare wires on it.  You’d only use a headphone jack if you bought a sensor that comes with a 3.5mm plug on the end of the cable, like what Meter Group does.