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Reply To: need to find WiFi Bee ESP8266 MAC address

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Sara Damiano

    Doh!  I’m sorry about the missing void statements.  That’s what happens when I write code on a discussion forum.  Good job fixing it!

    The invalid library statements are probably because you put something that wasn’t a library into the library folder, even if it was just an empty folder.   The Arduino IDE thinks everything in that C:\Users\wchudyk\Documents\Arduino\libraries folder must be a library and gets confused otherwise.

    Ok, so on to the errors on the ESP8266.  The board is responding to you, at least to tell you there’s been an error, so that’s a good thing.  My first guess would be that your ESP8266 has an older version of the AT firmware, and is expecting a different command.  Here’s a new version with some of the older commands, and a check for the modules firmware version.  Depending on which version you have, these may still not get you the MAC address, but hopefully they’ll at least get us the version to track down the command that will.