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    The latest release of ModularSensors 0.27.0 has a new simple electrical conductivity sensors ~  AnalogElecConductivity.h/.cpp

    Thanks to Sara for accepting it as a MS  sensor and formatting it to the latest  documentation style. See the amazing Doxygen generated  https://envirodiy.github.io/ModularSensors/group__sensor__analog__cond.html

    Sara has also added to example/menu_a_la_carte.ino

    See Variable* analogEc_cond
    Its a “simple sensor” ~ meaning low cost low resolution using the Mayfly mega1284’s ADC 10bit.
    I should emphasize as released, all calibration and determination of fitness for purpose. safety analysis for specific usage, is  on the user.
    Its based on a standalone Mayfly sensor I built for monitoring “Stream Disconnect”.
    The purpose is to measure when a stream’s level hydrograph is dropping, and to be able to determine approximately when the stream’s flows “disconnect”.  In recent studies for streams in the dry Mediterranean Western USA this is a significant event for the streams biology.
    I hope to do a separate discussion on the full unit I built, including a separate interface board  but that will have to be for later.  The wip is at https://github.com/neilh10/ModularSensors/wiki/Stream-Disconnect-EC-Monitor