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    Hi Matt – well been watching the output of the LC709203F with some other testing. It does work for the accurate battery voltage measurement.


    However the LC709203F “%” capacity  could be challenging to use.  There is a lot of technical discussion about battery fuel gauges and what works and doesn’t.  Another device that I got was the Seeed LTC2941 which only measures coulombs/mAHrs .


    I’m figuring out it needs to be accurate battery voltage ~ for basic battery “gauge” status,  and also measure  mAhrs  to be able to characterize activity (or field monitor) while awake.  My test system with Xbee S6, periodically goes into some sort of lock up and consumes current, and the only way to recover is to unplug the battery. For the Xbee LTE carrier board it can be turned off if this happened.


    The LTC2942 does coulombs and  battery voltage – except no cheap board with it that I’ve found.

    An fun link about “orchestrating power”  from some work being done at CMU on dealing with power –  https://youtu.be/eAhVdSCdv08

    Wishing you a good safe thanksgiving – great time of year for giving thanks 🙂