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    Shannon, great job moving the science forward. It seems like your line of experimentation could lead to a simpler way to count rain gauge tips and transmit the data to MMW possibly without using a ProTrinket. Maybe if a tip happens while a cellular transmission is happening the transmission could be interrupted, the tip could be counted, and then during the next send interval the data could then be sent to MMW. I am looking for a way to reliably count every tip and send all tip data to MMW even if a send interval is missed here or there.

    Using @aufdenkampe ‘s advice as a clue I replaced the 25′ of extra, coiled, shielded analogue signal cable from the original installation between the rain gauge and the ProTrinked with a 3’ length of shielded analogue signal cable on 11/6/2020 and haven’t had any false tips since.

    Thank you everyone for the input.

    Best Regards,