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    I’m sharing some integration test results. I’ve been using a Vbat=4.0V threshold – that is under Vbat=4.0V it does sensor readings only, and stores the readings for later reliable data delivery.

    When the battery voltage is over Vbat=4.0V it POSTs the readings to MMW.
    Discharge and Charge Graph

    A feature of using 4.0V is that probably works for the Mayfly Vbat measurement, and really extends the effective life of the battery when there is no solar. A wrinkle is that a lot of readings can be stored, which could exhaust the available power in the battery if all transmitted in one shot. So when a connection is made after X(default=10)  retransmission of POSTS from the FIFO file, it checks the battery again to see if it is still over 4.0V.

    These are all on my “rel1_dvlp1m” branch – https://github.com/neilh10/ModularSensors/tree/rel1_dvlp1m   – and I’ll plan to describe it and make a release in the near future.