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    I’ve had a simple system soak testing. Its not meant to be a deployable system, but I’m using it for testing out powering related algorithms.

    It has an Xbee WiFi, LiIon 500mA, measuring MayflyVbat and ADS1115 extVbat. When the extVbat voltage is >=3.85V it will

    Logger dataLogger.logDataAndPublish();

    and when below <3.85V only

    Logger dataLogger.logData();

    I’ve used the 3.85 threshold as I found the Mayfly was resetting when the WiFi turned on and LiIon battery was around 3.7V.

    For the “Solar Panel” I’ve got it connected to a power supply and simulating low sunlight conditions with a charge typically round 25mA.

    The graph of this running since Oct 10th is