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Matt Barney

    Thanks for sharing this good work, Neil. This does get technical, and I have a lot to learn, but your experiences will be helpful. For the short term, our team is primarily interested in knowing approximately what the limits are, for a given site, for a given set of sensors, whether the available solar power will keep our stations running for the site-specific constraints. Larger panels and batteries are a potentially cheap solution, relative to my R&D time, though Issue#23 describes the existing limitations of the Mayfly circuit’s charging current, which I was not aware of until just now. We’ll have the option (usually) to reduce sampling frequency to save power. Another avenue for power savings might be to implement 2 Loggers: one that logs frequently to the SD card, and one that runs less frequently to transmit via cellular, which can be a high drain, as I understand it. Just thinking out loud.