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    Hi Anthony, I would also be available for testing/helping integrate LoRa networking and I have some gateways. Wow great news to hear there is an implementation done.

    For my local SSU I volunteer as Industry Advisor, and for last years Engineering Capstone project a student used an Adafruit LoRa module on a raspberry pi pretty effectively.
    https://www.adafruit.com/product/4074 “LoRa Radio Bonnet with OLED – RFM95W @ 915MHz – RadioFruit”
    I’ve also purchased but not tried the $13 Xbee

    I got the low cost LoRa Indoor Gateway for testing “The Things Indoor LoRaWAN WiFi Gateway – 8 Channel LoRa 900 MHz”
    https://www.adafruit.com/product/4345 $85

    We also initially got some other gateways that where very complicated, but the one that is a low cost outdoor
    Dragino OLG02 Outdoor Dual Channels LoRa IoT Gateway 915 MHz (NA)
    RB-Drt-23 Ordered: 1 USD $84.00

    One item to note, is that not all gateways are active on the ThingsNetwork (like mine).

    The outdoor “Dragino OLG02” only implements in hardware two LoRa channels out of the 8 specified. This can easily be managed in the sending side as to which channels can be hopped. When I registered the Dragino OLG02 on TTN I specified there where only two channels available.