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Robert S

    Okay, here is what I see …

    Note: I am no expert but having an extra set of eyes helps sometimes.

    I set up a dummy site and tried to replicate what I saw in your files. You can have a look at the site to compare it to what you have set up and let me know if it seems different. I will leave it up for a bit but it will be removed if we have succeeded in solving your problems. Of course the name and specific site information will be different.


    I managed to get all of the data to upload, but in the process I noticed the following things about your files:

    * The file “190363_Armas_2020-08-21.csv” has a whole mess of empty values at the end of the file (,,,,,,). These empty commas should be removed from the file or it will not upload.

    * The file “190363_Armas_2020-08-20.csv” has an extra column named “SampNum”. If this is not defined in your site/sensor list, it will fail to upload because it does not match the defined values of the site. It also has no UUIDs defined in it which will also cause it to fail.

    * The last file (which you said you were able to upload) “190363_Armas_2020-08-19_20.csv” appears to be a valid file.

    I may be wrong, but I think that your files just need to have all the right parts in the right order to upload successfully.

    I have attached a file “190363_Armas_Formatted.csv” which contains all of the data from the first two files and “should” upload correctly.

    Please let me know if this helps to solve your problem.