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Shannon Hicks

    Remote programming a datalogger has never been a priority for the type of deployments we usually do, because our monitoring stations require frequent maintenance visits to clean the sensors or perform other tasks at the station. The most common reason for reprogramming a board would be if you’re adding or removing a sensor, or recalibrating one, and for all of those tasks, you’re going to be there onsite with a laptop, so there’s no sense in adding expensive or complicated hardware for remote reprogramming. Also, our loggers are basically one-way portals, they take a reading, send it, then sleep until it’s time for the next reading. If you want to be able to remotely connect to the board, you’ll have to wait until it’s awake and connected to the network, which is only for a few short moments before it goes back to sleep. Or you can change how (and for how long) the board connects to a network to make it available for remote connections, but that will require excessive battery power, which is already a precious commodity in some stations with lots of sensors and limited sunshine.