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    Hey happy to contribute where I can.
    My wife and I started a trip in Hamilton with some friends in 1990. Spent 2 months traveling round NZ as part of a round the world trip. 🙂

    I have a fork of ModularSensors and focus on a small subset of sensors, scaleability through ability to build releases, download a defined binary of the code, and test specific configurations
    As and when there is a request, if its useful, I’m happy to migrate from my fork back into core software. Personally I’m following the traditional path of a multistream development, git supports so well, and where its a good place to stabilize releases.

    I’ve got a release of new features with reliable delivery to MMW that is working well with Xbee LTE.

    IHMO, I’ve always found there is work in defining a sensor configuration, testing it and then managing the stability of it through defined releases.
    Be happy to chat more.