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    Hi James, great to hear someone else interested. I just got a “relative EC” working nicely and gave them out to be deployed last week.

    The “relative EC” is to be able to measure stream disconnect. For the <<dry>> hot climate we have in California, looking to monitor when the stream goes dry.

    There is no reason why it can’t calibrated. Need to pay attention to a few specific components, and of course determine what accuracy you want, and can get.

    I’m in process of putting a package together as Open Source Hardware.
    I’ve developed a board and MS sensor software that interfaces on the Mayfly Analog port using the internal ADC, (tested), for the “relative EC”.

    It optionally, (not tested), can be built to be plugged into Seeed connector with the more accurate ADS1115.

    So the unit spec iw to be standalone, with 40′ of cable, and bootnet access(walk up remove microSD) and looks like this
    and the internals running with an standalone 3.6Vbattery

    What is the Turbidity and Depth sensor you are looking to use ?
    How are you looking to access the data?
    How comfortable are you reading circuits and building a PCB from a BOM?