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    I’m sorry to dig up this old post but it seems the right place to post. Tell me if it’s better to create a new post.
    So here’s my problem :

    I plugged the MB7363 Sonar sensor from Maxbotix to the Seeeduino Stalker v3.1 . I used the analog pin of the sonar (pin 3) and I connected it to the analog A1 input of the Seeeduino Stalker, Vpin to the 3,3v and GndPin to the GND pin, as you can see in the following picture :

    I also added a 4LED display to show the value of the sonar from the analog input, again, as shown on the picture.

    Everything work fine this way, but when I want to remove the LED display, the value of the analog input coming from the sonar drops to 0. If I reconnect the LED display, correct value from the sonar start being read again. Thing is that I use the LED display as debug and I need to remove it at the end to put this setting (Seeeduino Stalker connected to a battery) in a closed box. Leaving the LED display will use too much power.
    So, is there anyone here that have any idea about what is going on here and how can I make it work without the LED display ?
    Why is my readings on 0 when I have only my Maxbotix Sonar connected ? I tested the same code with the same setup on Arduino Mega and it works fine (with or without the 4LED display)..

    Here’s the code I used :