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Reply To: XBee – R410M – Can’t connect

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Sara Damiano

    Ok, so for testing the XBee with what you have:

    • check for any blobs of solder on the solder jumpers or any modifications made to either your Mayfly or LTE adapter – let me know if there are any
    • check and re-check to make sure the pins in your bee stack are all aligned and in the right holes, ie, they’re not all shifted up or down 1 spot
    • connect a (charged) lipo battery to one of the lipo jacks on the Mayfly
    • use the short jumper cable to connect from the second lipo jack on the Mayfly to the lipo jack on the LTE adapter board.
    • plug the Mayfly into your computer with the micro USB on your Mayfly (can be any type of USB on the PC)
    • turn on the Mayfly with its switch

    Now, program your Mayfly with a very simple program like this and let it run.

    Make sure the LED labeled “ON” on the LTE adapter turns on.

    There won’t be any output at all from the program to your PC – all you’re looking for is the ON light on the LTE adapter board in between the Mayfly and the XBee.  The ASSOC and RSSI lights may or may not turn on.  But if the ON light doesn’t come on, there’s something definitely wrong with either your connections or the XBee itself.