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    I’m added a new capability for the Mayfly to program its internal EEPROM with geographical specific pieces of information.
    When a site is visited, this will allow the retrieved uSD card to be replaced with a blank uSD card.


    For multiples sites that don’t have modems, and the readings are retrieved on a site visit by replacing the uSD card, I’m seeing the workflow is that the uSD cards are retrieved and stored together.

    The remote site visit workflow would be to keep the the retrieved uSD cards separate from the blank uSD’s.  Back in the office, the retrieved uSD cards are read, and each .csv file has unique geographical and node information on it. The site visit could be performed by one person, and then the person reading the uSD and analyzing the data, would have good traceability that uSD readings came from a specific  Mayfly/geography.

    Just wondering if I’ve covered all information that needs to be stored on a uSD to make it uniquely identifiable. ?