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    Hi Jake

    Good to hear about it. I’d be happy to do a PR on it.

    One of the other areas I believe for scaling for a group is quality testing. For every commercial company I’ve been with, being a able to test and characterize the functionality – that is how well it works – is a big value add to the end defined release. For anybody who works with embedded software for very long, repeatable builds and testing is a really challenging.   So  I’ve also defined a release that can be built simply and downloaded. I’ve put it in “examples”, but I think there should be in a “tested” directory or maybe there is a better name for it.

    ModularSensors/examples/tu_id01  and is at
    (edit oops its changed)

    I’m still not clear on how to manage the repeatable builds with the distributed code environment, but working on it.