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    Hi Jim. Thanks for the description.

    What the ‘ini’ reader does is read a file on the  Mayfly microSD card called ms_cfg.ini – in that file is all the configuration information that is specific to a particular node “station” as when the MMW sensor UUIDs are created.

    What this does is allow your .ino file to be compiled once to a .HEX, with no custom UUIDs. All the node specific MMW UUIDs  are then put in the individual  “Stations”  Mayfly microSD files.

    The Mayfly’s mega1284 is a small 8bit microprocessor, and there is very limited networking capability – not like a linux system that has a lot of generic networking. So no there is no capability to push a UUID back onto the  Mayfly.

    On MMW I couldn’t find a way of searching for Sites GMI_*  it needs the Organization to be first specified.