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    Sara and Jim, thanks for the replies! Sara, knowing where you are now without formal coding training give me to hope to continue persevering!

    Thanks for the code suggestions! The first – not creating new variables each time – worked great.

    The second, for uploading to MMW at first did not work, saying modemWake and updateModemMetadata was not defined. Since I hadn’t updated the libraries in long time, I updated all libraries. Doing that fixed the errors. However, when running the program I have been receiving only 504 responses. I checked the standard logging_to_MMW.ino program with the new library  of modular sensors (0.24.5), and receive some 504s, but mostly it seems successful 201s (earlier this week before updating libraries it worked every time over ~12hrs). Sara, any suggestion why I can’t successfully log in this double_logger program?