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Matt Barney

    Today I re-tested, using new hardware: Mayfly, modem, antenna, and LTEBee adapter. I’m still seeing the same problems: both Response Code 504 from MMW, as well as what I described above, where there was apparently(?) no attempt by the Mayfly to upload data after saving it to the SD card based on the messages it logged. I’ll attach the log file. Here is a summary (all times in MST):

    • Ran from 04-08T11:48 to 04-08T16:30
    • 142 samples recorded: ‘Line Saved to SD Card’
    • 136 samples made it into the MMW database
    • 14 received RC 504
    • 123 received RC 201
    • Timestamps of missing points (in MST):
      • 11:52 – no attempt to send
      • 14:14 – RC 504
      • 15:04 – no attempt to send
      • 15:10 – no attempt to send
      • 15:18 – no attempt to send
      • 15:30 – no attempt to send

    Thanks for any insights.