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    Hi Anthony ~ thanks for the headsup. For today my desk proto system running at 15minutes intervals/WiFi I haven’t seen any timeouts, all 201’s in the last 5hrs

    Matt, sorry to hear the reconstruction issues. Welcome to software development.  I’ve got lots of silver hairs from it.

    The process of proving or verifying software functionality, improving reliability (however its defined),  is a tough and sometimes expensive process.  For over all reliability and repeat-ability, you could start another forum discussing best practices.  I’d be happy to share my best practice.

    For one software consideration you might read this for future methods  https://github.com/neilh10/ModularSensors/wiki/Release-downloads 

    I had one job interview early in my career, this small business had a student do something for him, and then the student moved on. I was interviewed; could I construct from paper listings the program, and then make some modifications to the program.!

    At least we have github now, and make copies of the .git. 🙂

    I have my desktop development environment, and do accelerated testing (run it 2minute intervals over WiFi). Then when I have stable program, I both label it and uniquely copy and label the firmware.hex.    Then I move that out to an outside more realistic “beta” test site (eg 15minutes over CAT-M1)  and let the software run under realistic conditions for some time.

    Then with no known issues, I move it to the field, That is what has happened here https://monitormywatershed.org/sites/TU-RC-01/

    However, for this site, I’m getting anomalies about every month which was a bit beyond my initial testing.

    Oh well! Got to work on a local test environment to shadow the field one.