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Matt Barney

    Thank you, Neil!

    Here is more information, from a test I ran overnight using a 2 minute sampling interval, from 04-01 15:32 to 04-02 08:08 MST (UTC-7:00):

    • 498 total samples taken, of which 7 failed to get inserted into the MMW database.
    • 55 sample events received a Response Code 504.
    • 1 event received RC 400.
    • The remainder received RC 201 (Successfully created).

    Here are the timestamps, in MST, of the 7 missing sample events, along with their corresponding Response Codes or error messages:

    • 16:00 (RC 504)
    • 18:28 (GPRS connection failed.)
    • 18:30 (RC 504)
    • 23:22 (RC 504)
    • 23:48 (RC 504)
    • 03:48 (RC 400)
    • 07:48 (RC 504)

    I’ll attach my code and the log file from this test run. The site name on MMW is TU_BOISE.

    I’m curious whether anyone else may have received 504 responses from the server at similar times, and whether others are seeing missing data points in MMW. It’s difficult (or impossible) to detect these 504 errors at the Mayfly, unless it’s connected to Serial Monitor, as mine is during testing, but you might see missing points on MMW if you download a csv of your data.

    Or perhaps there’s logging on the MMW server that could correlate to these gaps? Thanks for any insights that anyone can provide!