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Matt Barney

    Hi Sara,

    Today I started to shift my workflow to having all dependencies local to a given project as you suggested. I’m wondering whether it’s even necessary to clone the ModularSensors dependencies into the project’s .pio\libdeps path? If I create a new PlatformIO project and modify its .ini file to include:

    … then PIO populates a number of dependencies into .pio\libdeps\mayfly\*  …It’s not everything from here, but it’s enough to let the project successfully build. [edit 3/21: I ran pio lib update, and it fully populates the dependencies here.]

    I have not seen this dependency population happen before, and I’m wondering whether this is new behavior? I updated my PIO core to the latest, 4.3.1, today.

    Another question, if you don’t mind: Do you normally specify the version of ModularSensors in your ini when you’re preparing code for a particular Mayfly (as opposed to when you’re doing development work on the library itself)? Initially I was specifying version, simply because I had started from one of the examples, and its ini specified EnviroDIY_ModularSensors@0.23.16. Or do you just leave off the version number and let it grab the latest?