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Sara Damiano

    😛  In double checking what the number would be for Verizon when it appears on the FPLMN, the very first google hit I got was an issue with someone else trying to force a Hologram SIM to use Verizon:  https://github.com/botletics/SIM7000-LTE-Shield/issues/163  Per that thread from just a few days ago, others suspect that Verizon has just very recently clamped down again booting out most Hologram users.

    Are you totally sure you can’t just use the weak AT&T signal?  What about T-Mobile?  (As a T-Mobile subscriber, I’m dubious that there’s anywhere that T-Mobile exits and not AT&T.)  You might be able to hop to T-Mobile by using bypass and setting the UMNOPROF to 5.  I haven’t ever tried it and you might be denied by the network, but here’s a chunk of code you can add to your setup that might work: