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Sara Damiano

    If you’re having trouble, you can try going into bypass and checking the operator profile directly on the u-blox:  send AT+UMNOPROF?  It should reply 3 (matching up with the CP value).  If for some weird reason it doesn’t, you can change it by first disconnecting from the network, changing the profile, and then restarting:  AT+CFUN=0 (OK) AT+UMNOPROF=3 (OK) AT+CFUN=1,1 (OK, then a delay and possibly a junk character or two on restart).  The setting should hold when you go back into Transparent (and the Digi software will register the change).

    Shannon and I were just talking about this – the Hologram SIM’s just really prefer AT&T.  Verizon gets written the the FPLMN list really fast.  It appears there as 311480.