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Sara Damiano

    The Hologram dashboard should say “Verizon” in some way if it connected to that network.  The Hologram SIMs do work on Verizon, but they nearly always connect to AT&T in my experience.  There was a thread just a bit ago about setting the carrier profiles for the LTE-M XBee3’s , and for the time being we’ve decided that the default of “0/Automatic” isn’t stable on Hologram and we will specifically select AT&T unless it’s known to not be present at the site.

    Changing the setting in profile to 3/Verizon should work, but I’ve found you might need to set it and reset or power cycle a few times before the setting “takes.”  You may also need to clear your “forbidden” list:  https://support.hologram.io/hc/en-us/articles/360035697373-How-do-I-clear-the-FPLMN-list-.  From recent conversations with Hologram tech support they say the u-blox SARA R410M is pretty quick to decide that it’s failed to connected to a network/operator and should mark that network as forbidden.