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Reply To: Trouble initializing XBee3 LTE-M

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Sara Damiano

    One of the things I don’t get is that all of the modules I’m working with are ones that had previously connected fine without the carrier profile set.  Why did they stop?

    Grumble, grumble.. I just feel really, really dumb.

    In the mean time, while I was stupidly missing the one setting I needed for the XBee3’s, I completely re-wrote TinyGSM to use CRTP instead of so many pre-processor macros, streamlined and error checked a lot of the functions of the various modems in the process, particularly for using GPS and RTC, tested all the modems I had with the new TinyGSM structure, and acquired, tested and verified ModularSensors functionality for both the SIM7000A and the BG96.  I’m still waiting on a BC95G based module to arrive.

    I also have spent several days trying to wrap my head around Zephyr and the build process for the developing and using the Nordic nRF9160 LTE SIP.  It’s really grating me that it feels so difficult and I want to make it work just because of that.  But I think that system is just going to be too complex for us to really use.