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Sara Damiano

    I cannot believe I didn’t think about this setting!  I am ashamed of myself.  I will test it out.  😮

    I’m pretty certain that the CP command that the XBee3 implements is a pass through to the u-blox UMNOPROF (Mobile Network Operator profile) command where setting 1 is “SIM ICCID select.” The operator profile encompasses both settings like the inital EPS bearer name [what the network first sees when you register, before checking the specific APN required by your SIM] and the actual LTE bands being searched.   I had been always setting it to be AT&T because that seemed to be where Hologram put me most of the time and setting it specifically made the connection happen more quickly.  I changed it to 0/Auto-Detect/SW Default a while back because people mentioned that they were in places with better Verizon signal and if the profile is set to AT&T, the modem won’t even look at the right band to find Verizon.  I don’t remember ever noticing that bit of guidance in the manual with respect to modes 0 and 1 before.  I wonder if it was added to the documentation recently.