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    I am happy to report that everything seems to be working!

    Sara, the program you provided didn’t seem to do anything? It compiles fine and is accepted by the board, but there doesn’t seem to be output? But, I did do what you suggested in letting it just sit there and let it attempt to connect.
    I set modem.connectInternet(960000L) (16min) and set myconst uint8_t loggingInterval = 20 (20min), and then I went to bed. It hopped onto the network only ~10min after I put it down for the night…
    It was a pretty great way to start the day seeing my data online!

    Thanks a lot for everyone’s help, and for the awesome documentation on Git. I would not have made it to this point without it.

    Now the real fun begins.
    I am going to do a quick write-up about my logger and its purpose to share here and then begin integrating more sensors and moving everything over to MMW.

    The sensor I intend to use is not listed within MMW so I plan on submitting a request via help@monitormywatershed.org to have it added.
    It is a simple, hi/lo +/-5V kinda sensor, a simple three-wire deal.
    I’ll include the datasheet with the request, is there anything else I can/must do to have it added?

    Thanks again for all your support!