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Sara Damiano

    I’m sorry I haven’t been responding.

    Right now the ModularSensors library doesn’t directly support LoRa or any other “radio” type communications – it’s designed around a board which has its own internet connection.  You could make it work with an ethernet/radio bridge, but it would take some more work.  So far we haven’t had enough sites where there were enough stations close enough together to push us to develop the radio support.  We have the stations right around our lab communicating by radio, but their operation is more of a first draft that we’ve not had a chance to upgrade than something I’d recommend you copy exactly.

    As for ThingSpeak: it should work.  Yes, apn is the access point name and you need it to be correct before any cellular modem can send data on the network.  I guess that’s confusing in the ThingSpeak example because that example uses a wifi modem and wifi needs an network ID/pw instead of an APN.  In your code, either add a line const char* apn="hologram" above the modem definition or just replace the “dangling”  apn with "hologram".