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    Hi Jim

    Thanks for your response. I’ve got a decent logger program using the Mayfly that saves everything to a microSD, thanks to the resources here. But you’re right…why should I have to go alllll the way to the sensor site to see my data?
    I’ve done some looking into the LoRaWAN myself, and if my sites were closer to one another, I would’ve for sure gone that route. I didn’t think it was too expensive?
    Check out this gateway: https://www.digikey.in/product-detail/en/laird-wireless-thermal-systems/RG191/RG191-ND/7356131
    only $250!
    And the Sodaq Explorer boards work well: https://support.sodaq.com/Boards/ExpLoRer/.
    I still would like to do some LoRaWAN, and if I do, these are what I plan to use.

    The Hologram site is indirect about pricing, intentionally, so I believe. I have signed up for the “Maker” plan, whose first SIM is free. If I can get this thing working, I intend to buy three more, for a total of 4. Because there are only four free channels with ThingSpeak, and my funding is drying up, and I believe four is all I can make. If I get that far, I will for sure, let you know what the cost seems to be. I only intend to measure four times an hour, so I don’t anticipate high rates of data transfer. But, having never gone this way, I guess I will see!

    But I am having a tough time getting this going…

    The recent change:
    Add waitForWarmUp() for modem in examples” is hanging up when compiling. It does not like this added command. Is this necessary, I see it was added to all modems?
    ~line 286 –> logging_to_ThingSpeak.ino

    I can comment it out, and I get past there, but it isn’t much longer until it is upset about the bits I pasted in for the Xbee3 LTE-M modem:

    #include <modems/DigiXBeeLTEBypass.h>

    const long modemBaud = 9600;  // All XBee’s use 9600 by default
    DigiXBeeLTEBypass modemXBLTEB(&modemSerial,
                                  modemVccPin, modemStatusPin, useCTSforStatus,
                                  modemResetPin, modemSleepRqPin,
    // Create an extra reference to the modem by a generic name (not necessary)
    DigiXBeeLTEBypass modem = modemXBLTEB;
    It gets upset about the dangling “apn” stating that: “identifier “apn” is undefined.”
    Is this the Acess Point Name?
    Is there something I am missing? I have been scouring the boards before asking to no avail.
    Any help is appreciated