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Sara Damiano

    @aufdenkampe – any thoughts?

    Postman automatically tacks on more standard http headers than I include in the post from ModularSensors.  I wonder if one of them is making a difference. In PostMan after making a request you can click the “Headers” tab and you’ll see 8 or 9 “temporary” headers that it used in addition to your token header.  ModularSensors only includes host, content-type, and content-length (and, of course, token).  If you open the EnviroDIYPublisher.cpp you can find and re-activate lines to add the cache control and connection headers (a few places needed: lines 24-25, 163-164, and 229-233).  Maybe one of them will make a difference.  If neither of those, I suppose it could be one of the accept headers, which I’ve never added.