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Sara Damiano

    @lemon – most of them were deployed in the field working and stopped for no apparent reason.  I didn’t realize we’d had so many failures until Shannon dumped them on my desk the other day.

    – we’ve gone back and forth over and over about the transparent-vs-bypass issue.  My experience has generally been that the modem connects more quickly and more consistently and is more frequently successful in sending data when in bypass mode.  Despite that, there is some bug that I have not been able to track down and only seems to happen with an XBee3 in bypass that causes the whole system to occasionally completely lock up until the watchdog finally forces a reset.  So we’ve been deploying with transparent.  The watchdog reset does work meaning you should only lose 15-20 minutes of data when the board freezes, so if you’re ok with that it should be fine to deploy in bypass mode.

    As for the logs, I’m not sure about that one error.  It’s still working, so it’s probably not a big deal, but it should be fixed.  The permissions error in installing or compiling sometimes happens when somehow the computer thinks a file is stuck open.  Whenever you install a library or ‘build’ anything the PlatformIO and the compiler create and modify a whole bunch of files in the hidden .pio directory.  If it thinks one of those files is open by another process it can’t do its thing and give that error.  Usually completely closing all open copies of VSCode or Atom will ‘free’ whatever file got locked and you can re-open and it will be fine.  Sometimes you have to reboot.

    I’m sorry about the issue with the “modemLast” branch.  Bleeding edge .. I changed something and was sloppy and didn’t make it backwards compatible.  I’ll push a fix.