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    It would help me to help you if you would be more verbose and detailed in your responses.

    Yeah sorry about that will try to answer better. Im really appreciative about your help!

    You didn’t answer whether you, yourself, had every succeeded in communicating with the sensor in any other way.  I assume that means no.

    Yes you are right. Ive never done a sucssesfull communication with the sensor. I just get no response.

    You’re using example code that includes code for a small screen?  Do you have one?  If not, it might be easier to use the “GetValues” example instead of the “DisplayValues” one.

    Yes i got a small screen to show me the values.

    Up to now you had been telling me you were using a NodeMCU, now you’re mentioning an Arduino Mini.  Your picture looks like you’ve cobbled the two together.  Is the NodeMCU the main brain?  What does the Arduino Mini do?

    The arduino mini is just for mfrc and giving voltage to the sensor. Also ground.

    An Arduino mini can be either 5V or 3.3V.  It should be labeled on the back of the Mini – check.  The NodeMCU is always 3.3V.  The Yosemitech requires a minimim of 5V power.  Most level shifters are either labeled or have an in and out voltage based on what is connected on each side.  Trace your wires so you know what voltages you have on both sides of the shifters.  Please write it down so you and the next person the project gets dumped on will know.

    The adapter you linked, which I’m guessing is the blue board on the top right of your picture, does NOT have automatic flow control.  You must connect the DE and RE from your adapter to each other and the two of them together to some pin on your main control board.  It looks like you have at least one of them connected to D0 (or D1?), but I can’t tell if you’ve tied them together or left one floating.  If one is floating, rewire so they are tied together.  You also need to change line 35 of your code to use the correct pin, as it says in the instructions in your code.  The code you have now is not correct and would NOT work for your current setup.

    De and re is solder’d togheter and connected to D0. But if i try to use D0 in the dere in the code i just get error (28) and the screen wont load.

    Whether or not the setup you have worked for someone else before you, it’s apparently yours now, so trace wires and make notes until you understand all of the connections.

    I think i understand all the connections now. The picture i attached is one of the sensors that i took apart so see were everything sits.