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Sara Damiano

    What?? You haven’t read all the docs??  Actually, I don’t remember how well documented the build flags are.  Writing good documentation is hard.

    Are you using transparent or bypass?  You can remove the build flags for whatever you’re not using.  You also don’t need the MQTT flag, it only applies to ThingSpeak (or anything else MQTT).  You also don’t need the NeoSWSerial flag unless you’re using that library.  Having those extra defines shouldn’t be a problem though.  Any build flag that starts with a ‘-D’ is the same as typing “#define” in your code.  When you hit “build” one of the first steps is for the pre-processor to essentially find-and-replace everything you’ve “defined” with the value you’ve defined it as.

    Jake must have just updated TinyGSM.  I’d added a line to the debugging just a few days ago but screwed up and tried to print the value of a pointer.  I just fixed that and pushed.  You can both update again (“pio lib update”).

    If you have an Arduino mega or other board with more than two serial ports available, I find debugging the modem can be a bit easier if you can “snoop” the modem Rx and Tx lines with a separate board.