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    Are you using breadboards or have you made a custom circuit of some kind? Post a picture.

Yes i put it in.

  • By what is the Yosemitch sensor powered and at what voltage?

Connected in a levelshifter from a arduino mini pro.

  • Exactly what RS485 to TTL adapter do you have connected between the A and B (green and white) of your Y500B and your NodeMCU (brand, chipset, etc)
    • What powers the RS485 adapter and at what voltage?
    • Does the adapter require the use of a pin to change the direction of communication or does it have automatic flow control?

https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32647766464.html I dont think it got flowcontrol. Its powered by the vcc(3.3v) from the nodemcu.

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  • Are there any LED’s on your adapter?
    • If so, do you see the power, Tx, and Rx LED’s light up appropriately?

Yes it glows bright red.

  • What level shifters are you using (brand, etc)?
    • Are your level shifters between the Tx and Rx of your adapter and the pins of your NodeMCU?
    • If not, where are they in the chain?
    • What voltages are you shifting to and from?
    • I have not succeeded in using external level shifters on a breadboard with an RS485 adapter so I am quite skeptical of a set-up that requires them.

Its chinese and honestly i dont know as i said before i just continued someones old project and couldnt find the shifter on the internet.

  • Are you sure you have Tx and Rx coming out of the adapter connected appropriately the pins you are assigning as Rx and Tx in SoftwareSerial?
    • Have you tried reversing the Tx and Rx?

Everything correctly wired because it worked before i used it.