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Sara Damiano

    Oh, no, the hold for the URC *is* working. It’s just not holding for long enough. It gives up after 75s and the code wasn’t smart enough to differentiate between a ‘0’ = nothing in the returned buffer and ‘0’ = the modem returned that it opened the socket with 0 errors. The CSQ responses show good signal you’re already registered on the network with EPS.. What is it *doing* that takes it over a minute to establish the socket! I don’t know if switching to the synchronous open will help or not. It’s still going to give up after 75s and it might completely lock the whole thing up – that’s why I switched to async in the first place. But it’s worth a shot, I guess. If you start seeing outgoing AT commands with no responses after the socket open, it’s locked up and you need to power cycle.

    If that doesn’t take or the board is locking up, you can increase the default timeout past 75s and see if waiting up to two or three minutes does anything more than waste your time. You have to do that in the CLIENT_OVERLOADS section of TinyGSM common. (line ~220 and ~224) [The timeout set in TinyGSM common takes precedence in this case.)